5 reasons why you should play

5 reasons to play Melton Community Lottery

05 August 2021

Want to take part in Melton Community Lottery but still need some convincing? Check out 5 reasons why you should play below!

1. There a £25,000 jackpot to be won EVERY WEEK!

Yes, you heard that right! £25,000! And that’s not all! There’s also other prizes to be won every week as well, including £25, £200, £2000 and free tickets!

2. Tickets are only £1 a week!

Playing Melton Community Lottery won’t break your bank with tickets being only £1 a week. PLUS, buying your ticket online means that the lottery is environmentally friendly!

3. 50% of all ticket sales goes directly back to a local good cause of your choice!

Unlike other lotteries, Melton Community Lottery actually lets you choose where your money goes to! There’s plenty of good causes signed up, 47 to be exact, ranging from sports clubs to support groups and so much more! P.S. We’re always looking for more good causes to sign up, so if you know of a group you think the lottery would suit then let them know!

4. Another 10% goes to other good causes in the local area!

Not only does 50% of your ticket go back to your chosen good cause, but an additional 10% is split between other local good causes, meaning each ticket sold really does help the community!

5. Winners are contacted directly!

Forgotten when the draw is? (Every Saturday at 8pm if you were wondering) Don’t worry! Winners will be contacted directly by email, so keep an eye out on your inboxes!


Any ticket bought between now and 28th August will be entered into a prize draw to win a luxury forest staycation worth £1000!


Our causes are on track to raise £12,230.40 this year

11.36% Complete

392 tickets of our 3,450 ticket goal

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Our causes are on track to raise £12,230.40 this year

11.36% Complete

392 tickets of our 3,450 ticket goal